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Session VII - Economic challenges for Chenin blanc wines

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Jonathan Steyn

Ken Forrester

Fanny Gauthier

Jérémy Arnaud

Fanny Gillet is Head of Economic Observatory & Research department at Interloire. She is in charge of the analysis and the treatment of the databases as well as the construction of computer tools to allow the optimiation of their treatment. These studies make it possible to have an eye on the present and another on the future.

Head of Economics at Conseil Interprofessionnel des Vins de Provence (2004-2006) then Marketing Director at Interprofessional Wine Union of Cahors (2006-2008), Jérémy Arnaud is today founder and CEO of Terroir Manager.
Graduate of the Faculty of Law and Political Science of Aix-en-Provence and ESC Dijon, he is today a well-known marketer and plays a significant role in  the world of wine. Furthermore, he participated in the repositioning of several vineyards. He teaches in many schools including his former school, ESC Dijon "

The Speakers

Ken Forrester, owner of Ken Forrester Vineyards, started a career in the Hotel industry with Southern Sun after a 3-year course in Hotel Management.  He then went on to specialise in the restaurant trade, buying a share in one of the best restaurants of the day in the centre of Johannesburg and from there a string of other restaurants and related activities culminating in being elected Chairman of the Federated Hospitality Association of SA.  His love for food and wine dictated and from 1993 – 1999 he was Chairman of Chaîne des Rôtisseurs. Ken’s philosophy has always been to create a range of handcrafted, individually made wines that suitably complement a wide variety of food styles and provide excellent value. He has been chairman of the Chenin Blanc Association the past 10 years.

Jonathan Steyn is a former restauranteur, wine judge and wine columnist. He has an academic background in business administration and holds an international master’s degree in wine business. Jonathan is currently completing his PhD (Business Administration) at the University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business. Jonathan convenes the wine business management and hospitality leadership programmes at UCT GSB, the South African module for the OIV MSc (Montpellier SupAgro) and the B.Agric Cellar Management  at Elsenburg Agricultural College. His research interests include business collective action, market creation and innovation. His current research centres on whether, how and why market value can be unlocked in South Africa’s old vine resources. Jonathan runs his own consultancy business focusing on business collective strategy.

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