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Session 2 : Chenin Blanc world history

Session 3 : Heritage elements of Chenin Blanc landscapes

Session 4 : Chenin Blanc: an asset for climat change ? 

Session 5 : Viticulture and winemaking itineraries of Chenin Blanc in a changing environment

Session 1 : Biology and behavior of Chenin Blanc in a changing environment

The Speakers' presentations

Presentation (fr) "Chenin Blanc knowledge"  by Jean-Michel Boursiquot :

Presentation (fr) "Chenin Blanc repository in Montreuil Bellay" by Virginie Grondain : 

Presentation (eng) "The Pinotage old vine story -  lessons learnt for future genetics research in Chenin Blanc" by Johan Burger : 

Poster (fr) "Terroir Expression" by Lilian Bérillon : 

Poster (fr) "The UNIK massal selection" by Pépinières Mercier (Olivier Zekri) : 


Presentation (fr) "History of Chenin blanc in the Loire Valley" by Henri Galinié :

Presentation (fr) "The versatility of Chenin Blanc : a hypothesis of the History of its implatation in the Loire Valley" by Patrick Baudouin : 

Presentation (eng) "The History of  Chenin Blanc in South Africa by Irina von Holdt : 


Presentation (fr) "Anjou's Vine and Wine Heritage" by Thierry Pelloquet :

Presentation (fr) "Viticultural closeries of the Loire Valley: the example of field houses in the Rochecorbon" by Claude Mettavant : 

Presentation (eng) "Old Vine Chenin Blanc: Preserving heritage and creating future value" by André Morgenthal : 

Presentation (fr) "The vineyard garden of the Loire Valley, the example of Savennières, from the vineyard to agricultural landscaped grounds"  by Myriam Maidet : 


Presentation (fr) "The impacts of climate change on the wine sector, prospective scenarios and adaptation strategy; reflections to serve the future of chenin blanc in Val de Loire and beyond ..." by Hervé Hannin :

Presentation (fr) "Ajustment of viticulture to climate change in the Mediterranean region: a spatial analysis " by Vicente Sotés : 

Presentation (eng) "The ajustment of viticulture to climate change in the Center-Val de Loire region: the co-construction of ajustment scenarios " by Isabelle Lajeunesse : 

Presentation (eng) "Chenin Blanc adaptability and versatility in various terroirs- A South African Viticulturists’ perspective." by Marco Ventrella :


Presentation (fr) "The DO Mentrida in Spain: What blockages and levers for the development of climate change ajustment strategies?"  by Chloé Plumas :  


Presentation (fr) "A Chenin decision help system to predict grape berries maturity and anticipate wine potentialities" by Ilaria Brunetti :

Presentation (fr) “Chenin Blanc ripening dynamics in Anjou: focus on the 5 last vintages through berry active sugar loading, berry volume and color evolution.” by Nicolas Bernard : 

Presentation (eng) "A review of winemaking practices that ensures best in class results in a changing environment." by Niel Groenewald : 

Poster (eng) "Vine architecture and taste" by Valeria Panzeri :

Poster (fr) "Chaume and Savennières, viticultural territories moving towards biodiversity" by Ambroise Bécot : 

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