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Session 6 : Taste, tastes of Chenin blanc wines

Session 7 : Economic challenges for Chenin blanc wines

Session 8 : Wine civilization, Chenin blanc's imaginary world. Wine tourism as creator of the storytelling.

The Speakers' presentations

Presentation (fr) "Chenin Blanc, an important element of the Val de Loires' Wine Markets" by Fanny Gauthier :

Presentation (eng) "Chenin Blanc Market" by Ken Forrester : 

Presentation (eng) "From workhorse to Cinderella category: exploring the demand-side status of South African old vine Chenin Blanc cues" by Jonathan Steyn : 

Presentation (eng) "Fan clubization of Chenin Blanc Amateurs : Issue and Strategy. The Loire Valley's caseFAN  by Jérémy Arnaud :


Presentation (eng) "Wine Tourism and the magical world of Chenin Blanc : Local roots, global wings" by André Morgenthal :

Presentation (eng) "The Chenin in its oenotouristic role play" by André Deyrieux : 


Presentation (fr) "Interdisciplinary perspectives on the taste of Chenin" by Gabriel Lepousez :

Presentation (eng) "Chenin Blanc's versatility" by Hélène Nieuwoudt : 

Presentation (eng) "Interdisciplinary perspectives on the taste of Chenin:The Wine Judge" by Cathy van Zyl : 

Presentation (fr) "Expert panel, textual method and chemical markers to characterize the aromatic components of Chenin Blanc  in the Loire Valley" by Pascal Poupault :

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