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Ancre 1

Moderator: Jérémy Arnaud

1. Ken Forrester (Keynote Speaker) - Chenin Blanc Market

Firstly a general discussion on the current economic state of the planet and some guidelines as well as current opportunities and restraints.


As a signature variety for White Wine what does Chenin need to convey?

- What are the unique differentiators?

- Discuss current trends regarding

- Packaging as well as product - two very separate opportunities

- New generation winegrowers as well as new plantings

- Torch bearers and current icons

- Versatility of Chenin Blanc

- stylistic options and potential to engage current trends and hipster tendencies

- 70% of Chenin is grown out of the Loire Valley discuss other viticultural areas, specific sites/producers of unique wines


Can we liken/compare chenin to White Burgundy as a category and can we overlay a Chardonnay template and extrapolate useful information? - Explore the market positioning for chenin

- rival to Prosecco?

- supermarket quaffer?

- cocktail mixer? Hipster bars

- supreme white for haute cuisine?

- partner with Asian cuisine?


Taking the message to market

- influencers and trend setters

- common goal and target market

- stylistic choices

- increased awareness global ad campaign!?

- how to create “brand chenin”

- create chenin experiences

- cooperation amongst producers

- authenticity


Hopefully this addresses the economic, marketing and future communication aspects of Chenin and ultimately plays a role in enhancing the perception of Chenin Blanc amongst the public.

the Program

Session VII - Economic challenges for Chenin blanc wines

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