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Session V - Viticulture and winemaking itineraries of Chenin blanc in a changing environment

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Laurence Guérin works at the IFV as head of the Tours unit. She works on improving the aromas of Cabernet Franc red wines and the characterization of commercial enzyme preparations.

Laurence Guérin

Dr. Ilaria Brunetti

Paul de Surmont

Paul de Surmont is an aggregated and versatile oenologist with an atypical career. Always ready to take on new challenges, he has made 10 vinifications in 6 different regions (Burgundy, Bordeaux, Provence, Rhone Nord, Loire). He also has a good experience in the communication of oenology and sciences.Today, he is Director of Litov laboratory.

Niel Groenewald

Dr. Valéria Panzeri

Nicolas Bernard

Nicolas Bernard is an agronomist and oenologist, co-founder of Dyostem, in charge of vineyard solutions at Vivelys (company specializing in the development and marketing of high technology tools for winemaking)

The Speakers

Niël Groenewald is managing director (MD) of some prominent brands that form part of Distell’s premium wine company, Libertas Vineyards & Estates. These include Nederburg, Fleur du Cap, Plaisir de Merle and Pongrácz. Previously head winemaker for Distell with the immense responsibility of overseeing the production of South Africa’s largest wine portfolio, with a special focus on premium brands, he was appointed MD in early 2019.  In his new role, Niël is not only focusing on the intricate business aspects relating to wine production and marketing, but also spearheading the evolution of the brands that fall under his leadership from a winemaking perspective in line with the principles set out by Distell’s Centre of Excellence: Instrinsic. 

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Ambroise Bécot

Valeria Panzeri worked for 4 years as winemaker: the first working experience was as assistant winemaker under the expert guidance of Bruwer Raats at Zorgvliet Wines. In 2008, she joined Bilton Wines and worked with Giorgio Dalla Cia, one of the most prominent and knowledgeable figures in the SA wine industry.
In 2009 she was approached by the Dept. of Oenology to take part in a project (under the supervision of Dr Marianne McKay), which involved research in aroma compounds in wine. Since then she has been involved in many aspects of the academic world, from research to teaching. In 2013 she obtained an MSc (Agric) in
Oenology with focus on wine taints.
Since 2014, she joined the Sensory Facilities of the Department of Viticulture where she is involved in various activities from training undergraduate students in technical tasting, wine evaluation, and cultivars identification, to leading and training specialized panels with the aim of sensory evaluate experimental and commercial wines. Valeria is also responsible of managing and running three short courses aimed specifically to the Wine Industry members: the ‘Wine Evaluation Course’, ‘TCA Sensitivity Screening’ and ‘Brettanomyces workshop’.

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