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Session IV - Chenin Blanc : An asset for climate change ?


Hervé Hannin

isabelle lajeunesse.jpg

Isabelle Lajeunesse

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Vicente Sotés

Hervé Hannin is a Research Engineer at the SupAgro School in Montpellier. He also holds the position of Director of the Institute of Higher Studies of Vine and Wine (IHEV) and Administrator at OIV (International Wine Organization)

Isabelle Lajeunesse is a research professor and senior lecturer in geography. She currently teaches in Tours focusing on "research on the impact of human activities on water and the integrated management of this resource." Her participation in European programs has fueled her interdisciplinary vision necessary to adapt to the impacts of climate change".

Agronomist Engineer (1970) and Doctor Agronomist Engineer (1974) by the Higher Technical School of Agricultural Engineers of Madrid. Diploma of Superior Specialist in Viticulture and Enology (1972). University professor at the UPM (1983-). Professor and coordinator of Viticulture in the Master of Viticulture and Enology of the UPM (1974-).
He has directed more than 50 research projects of national, European and cooperation programs and 15 Doctoral Theses. He counts up to 170 Academic publications in articles and book chapters and 15 translation of viticulture and fruit crops books.
Member of the Official Spanish Delegation in the International Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV) since 1991 and Vice President of the OIV since 2016. 

Marco Ventrella

After spending more than a decade in the Hospitality industry Marco Ventrella at 29 years old, decided to Study Viticulture at Elsenburg Agricultural College.
He started his career as a technical assistant at Graham Beck in 2003.  Only a year later he became the Group Viticulturist, overseeing all four Graham Beck farms and all the buying of grapes and wine, a position he held for seven years.
Marco joined KWV in November 2010 as Chief Viticulturist responsible for Grape purchasing, Grower relationships and Wine style management in the vineyards. In mid-2011 took oversight of the buying in of Bulk and Rebate wine for KWV. With 54 Farms spread over the Western Cape to visit and work with his office is most often his vehicle or any of the 425 vineyards in his care.
2019 was his 16th vintage in the Western Cape and he is still looking for that “normal” vintage the textbooks promised.
Marco likens the challenges and mysteries of wine making in the vineyards to “playing seven games of chess at the same time”. The relationship and interaction between geology, soil, climate, topography, cultivar, rootstock and practises constantly changes and shifts.
“Every move on every board affects every other board, but you can’t predict with certainty how,” he says.

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The Speakers

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