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4. Jérémy Arnaud - Fan Clubization of Chenin Amateurs: Issue and Strategy. The Loire Valley's Case

With the evolution of the markets (atomization) and marketing techniques (digitalization), fan club strategies have taken an unprecedented and even decisive importance in the last 10 years. Familiar with the traditional processes of enthronement and incubation (guilds, tasting clubs), the world of wine has not escaped this trend and therefore its implications (new modes of operation).


In this context, a fan club of Chenin blanc fans was started several years ago by professionals (producers, consultants) and is expected to increase in 2019 thanks to the new strategy of Anjou Saumur, and more widely the Loire Valley. This strategy aims to increase the visibility of the entire Chenin blanc fan community, whether they are producers, resellers or consumers, in France or abroad (#fandechenin, Chenin Fan Zone). Driven by the Anjou Saumur region, this strategy is first aimed at a global communitization of Chenin blanc fans (pooling the cost of fan clubbing between producers and their regions as stakeholders) as well as promoting the incredible varieties of Chenin blanc (types, origins).


In the end, this fan clubbization of Chenin blanc fans must enable Chenin blanc to make global, worldwide and quick progress with respect to its reputation, image and sales, whilst demand for this type of wine and varietal appears to be promising. (opportunity).

Modérateur : Jérémy Arnaud

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Session VII - Economic challenges for Chenin blanc wines

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