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How to participate and why?

The Academy offers three types of membership:

a)    Honorary members:Insitutional or private persons who have contributed or contribute to the excellence of Chenin's reputation.
b)    Institutional members and companies: Regions, agglomerations, departments, unions, town halls, companies, other associations of vine growers, represented by a delegate wishing to support the action of the Academy.
c)    Active members :Any one interested in chenin.


Honorary memberscan be those who have rendered services to the association; they are exempt from membership fees.

Institutional members are public, private or associative organizations that are up to date with their annual subscription set each year by the General Assembly. Their representative may vote at the general meeting. The membership fees has been set at € 200 for the year 2018.

Active members are persons up to date of their contribution. They can vote at the general meeting. The amount for the membership fees and contributions has been set at € 50 for the year 2018.


The Honorary Members are Chenin's ambassadors. They wear his image in the name of Loire or the other Chenin. producing areas.

Institutional members and companies benefit from the international image developed by the Academy throughout the world through master classes and events, the networking of research, innovation andprofessionals. They benefit from an international network of scientific nature enriching for exchanges.

Active members also benefit from the image, network, events, and documentary resources published by the website, a dynamic around the issue of Chenin's economic model, the notoriety of its territories and its wines.

How to become a member?

-   For active members by completing the membership form and returning it with your fees :
Academie du Chenin
1 place du mail
49170 Savennières

-   For institutional members and companies by contacting the organization:

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